Professional Protection

At Isborn Security Services, your safety always comes first. Our security consulting company offers many services that are specially designed to protect you and your assets. Let our highly trained professional security service mitigate some of the risks in your life and put the “pro” back in professional protection. 

Isborn Security Services LLC

Isborn Security Services LLC specializes in high-end professional protection services throughout the United States and internationally. Founded in 2006, our agents have years of experience in the Professional Protection industry with comprehensive backgrounds in law enforcement and military operations, ensuring you receive the best skill sets available. Our professional security service is always fine-tuning our services to best fit our clients’ needs with an active approach to security that consists of only the most advanced internal and external management techniques. This gives us the ability to develop a solid threat assessment and plan to best deal with your unique security needs.

About Us

Isborn Security Services LLC has protected thousands of private citizens and countless assets in the US and internationally. Our professional security consulting services include executive protection, security consulting, licensed private investigations, and NRA Certified Firearms Training. Isborn Security also provides uniformed armed security guard services throughout the United States. For all your security needs, we have you covered with the highest level of professional protection in the industry.



Our Services

Corporate Security

Executive protection (EP) is the security and risk mitigation measures taken in order to keep those who may have a high-profile status safe. If you feel as though you may be at risk, learn more about our corporate security services.

Private Investigations

If you feel as though there is someone or something suspicious that is a threat to your well being, our private investigation solutions can help. Our licensed private investigators are countersurveillance experts, and will gather the hard evidence that you need.

Security Guards

Our security guard services range from just unarmed eyes on your property and assets, all the way to a high level of armed protection. Isborn Security can also provide security management and staffing for your events.

Firearms Training

It is extremely important to be educated when it comes to gun ownership. Learning how to properly handle firearms is crucial. Our firearm training courses are intended for people of all ages and skill levels, and are taught by NRA Certified instructors. 

Concealed Carry 

Isborn Security offers concealed carry classes throughout the state of Colorado. We give both new applicants as well as current concealed carry holders the training and confidence they need when it comes to these laws.

Fire Watch

We provide 24/7 Firewatch support when your fire systems are down, and actively monitor the property for any threat of fire. We offer these services to hotels and other large properties, and our staff are highly trained to handle a variety of threats.

We offer classes all across Colorado and have plenty of options to fit your schedule

Check out our calendar of upcoming firearms training classes to find a date and time that works for you!

Client Testimonials

“The 3 hour class training was very helpful. Todays class size was 4 people and easy to understand Matt went above and beyond to answer all of my questions. Hands down, this is the best class to take for conceal carry. You learn the laws and about your weapon if you decide to bring it to class.”
Josh P.

“Isborn Security Services has all the knowledge and experience to provide the best security to their customers. After learning from Matt I feel more secure and prepare to confront a risky situation. The class was packed with the latest techniques and laws to ensure your and your family’ protection. Thank you Matt!”

Lorena B.

“Hired this company for event security, and all of my expectations were exceeded! Very professional, knowledgeable, and great to work with. The plan changed several times and they patiently adapted to everything and made it work well! Will definitely hire again!!!”

Dakota D.