Concealed Carry Classes

Concealed carry classes offered at Isborn are intended for new permit applicants or can give current conceal carry holders updated training. The firearm and deadly force laws are constantly changing in Colorado, so it is important to keep up with the proper training that goes along with this. Isborn Security offers concealed carry classes in Fort Collins and throughout the state of Colorado. All classes are taught by NRA Certified Instructors, who will implement hands-on training including scenarios and role playing that will challenge students during the course. Isborn Security also offers private Fort Collins concealed carry classes at a low cost of $85 per person for groups of five or more students.

Get Your Colorado Concealed Weapons Permit 

Colorado law allows those with a valid permit to carry a concealed firearm. The CCW classes offered at Isborn Security meet and exceed Colorado’s state requirements to apply for your concealed weapons permit in all counties of the state. The majority of our classes are in Windsor, Greeley, Fort Collins, and Loveland, but we operate throughout the entire state. We also offer live fire training 1 on 1 or in a private group setting so please call to make an appointment. Our Colorado concealed carry class includes:

  • Choosing your carry weapon
  • Choosing your carry technique (Holsters and Handbags)
  • Choosing your Ammunition
  • Colorado Deadly Force Statutes and Laws
  • How to avoid a deadly force situation
  • Determining when you can use deadly force
  • The “Threat Triangle”
  • Exercises and role playing 
  • What to say and do after a shooting incident
  • Disarming an attacker
  • And much more!

Know Your Rights

As a gun owner, it is extremely important to know and understand your rights in the state of Colorado. It is prohibited by law to possess and carry a firearm concealed without a permit. However, concealed carry is legal for Colorado residents who hold a permit to carry a concealed weapon (CWW) in the state. Colorado also allows some residents of other states with a concealed weapons permit to carry in Colorado. The firearm laws are always evolving, be sure to stay updated on your rights as well as your training with our Fort Collins concealed carry classes.

Get the training you need to keep up with Colorado’s constantly changing firearm and deadly force laws.

Isborn Security offers Concealed Carry (CCW) classes throughout the state of  Colorado. We also provide private classes for groups of 5 or more. NRA Certified class instructors implement hands-on training including role playing and scenarios to challenge students on the course’s content.

Upcoming Classes

Take a look at our upcoming concealed carry classes at our Colorado locations below. Save time by booking your own private concealed carry course by calling us today at (970) 373-8807.

Concealed Carry CLASS

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 If you would like to book a private class give us a call and we will come to your location on your schedule and do a private class for your group of 5 or more students.

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