Security Consulting

Isborn Security Services takes an active and involved approach to helping all of our clients meet their needs. Our consulting agents and asset protection services are fully involved at a deep level to understand your current situation and how our team can best be of use. Whether you need direct protection or comprehensive training, our agents bring a long history of experience to the table, helping thousands of private citizens and businesses across the U.S. and internationally.

Professional Protection Done Right

Our consulting team at Isborn Security Services LLC spends all the time necessary to accurately assess your situation. We focus on the details to make sure that when something unexpected does happen, a strong foundation has already been developed to best deal with the situation. Complacency is very dangerous in the world of protection, so our agents at Isborn Security stay connected to reality and remain calm during stressful situations. Our agents, even with vast experience in the professional protection industry, understand that anything can happen at any moment. Our internal and external management techniques help our team stay one step ahead to keep you safe.

Our team also offers comprehensive concealed carry and firearms training throughout the state of Colorado. Arming our clients with the ability to protect themselves and feel comfortable is an important part of our business. Our instructors have extensive experience in military operations and law enforcement and are passionate about helping every student feel comfortable operating a firearm. Give us a call or contact us to learn more about our classes.

Our Services

Corporate Security

Are you someone with a high-profile or are a top CEO or VIP of your company? Do you worry about your safety day-to-day? Isborn Security could be the answer you are looking for. Trust our security personnel to protect you occasionally, or on a daily basis.

Private Investigations

We have licensed private investigators who are trusted to get the answers you need. If you are concerned about someone close to you or a stranger, hire Isborn for your private investigation. Our investigators will always remain discreet while being thorough.

Security Guards

Are you in need of security for a private event, large event, or someone to keep an eye on you or your assets? Isborn Security offers both unarmed and fully armed security guard services to give you the peace of mind you are looking for when it comes to providing protection. 

Firearms Training

We offer premiere firearms training in Colorado. Anywhere from beginner to advanced handgun training, Isborn Security will teach you everything you need to know about being a responsible gun owner. Schedule your next class with us today to begin your journey into the world of responsible gun ownership.

Concealed Carry 

Isborn Security provides concealed carry classes throughout Northern Colorado and beyond. Always taught by NRA Certified instructors, our classes will give you the training necessary to apply for a permit, as well as teach you ins and outs of the applicable laws and regulations.

Fire Watch

Need a fire watch professional? Whether it is monitoring your assets for an emergency, detecting a potential fire hazard, or other duties, Isborn Security can help. Our experts are trained and certified, and will provide 24/7 support when you fire suppression systems are down.

Isborn Security Services Inc. provides Security Consulting and Event Security Management all around the U.S. 

We take the time to do a full Risk and Threat Analysis and offer solutions that match your budget and your needs. We offer competitive rates for Professional Protection. 

Client Testimonials

“I highly recommend Isborn’s concealed carry course. A comfortable setting and very informative. Going to the shooting range was great and not knowing anything I came away feeling very at ease in handling a gun and the responsibility that goes with owning and carrying. I’m 63 so it’s never to late.”

Larry F.

“With up to 5000 attendees Matt and his team plan and execute security services for all aspects of keeping the attendees safe during the event. Many changes happen at last minute and Matt and his team always seems to have a plan “B” to make sure every event goes smoothly .”

Scott M.

“I have used Matt on numerous occasions to handle security for events and locations and his professionalism, organization and knowledge is outstanding. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Matt and the rest of the Isborn team, and he has been a valuable asset to my business.”

Kris M.