Fire Watch

Isborn Security will provide the best experts when it comes to fire watch. We offer fire watch security services for your organization or business, and will protect your property from any fire hazard that we spot. Our experience in fire watch includes hotels and other large buildings, so no job is too large for our skilled professionals. Oftentimes we can have assets onsite in under 2 hours, and can be there 24/7 with very little notice. They say not to play with fire, so why take the risk? 

Ever Vigilant against the Threat of Fire

If your business is being threatened with fines or a shutdown, or you are just having a fire alarm malfunction, contact our fire watch security team at Isborn Security. When it comes to our services, a fire watch guard will patrol your property and be able to detect any threat of fire. Our professionals are licensed and highly trained to be incredibly sharp-eyed when it comes to detecting potential threats.

Isborn Security understands that a fire on your property can lead to huge asset loss and even injuries when it comes to people working in your building or visiting.  Our fire watch security experts can provide emergency services to businesses that may be having problems with their fire alarm systems, or do not have an automatic fire suppression systems in place at the time. Taking the precaution of having fire watch services can save you and your company from potential damage loss, law suits, and the pain of losing valuable possessions.

Keeping a Close Eye on Your Assets

At Isborn Security, we understand how valuable your assets are, both monetary and personal. With years of experience under our belt when it comes to fire watch, trust us when we say that it is not worth the risk of not having someone stand guard. Even a short power outage or malfunction can put your possessions at risk of fire damage, don’t let this happen before it is too late. Call Isborn Security and we will send a fire watch guard to make sure that your company gets the protection needed from the potential threat of fire or other damage to your assets.

We respond when your systems are down and work directly with the fire marshal to provide documentation and logs for our shifts.

Specializing in threat detection, our highly trained staff are the perfect choice when it comes to protecting your business from the ever present threat of fire. 

Customer Testimonials

“Hired this company for event security, and all of my expectations were exceeded! Very professional, knowledgeable, and great to work with. The plan changed several times and they patiently adapted to everything and made it work well! Will definitely hire again!”

Dakota D.

 “When we hired them for our first event, Matt and his team did a very detailed walk around with us and helped address some security flaws that we might not have thought of, and gave us suggestions on how it would best work.”

Bill M.

 “I have used Matt on numerous occasions to handle security for events and locations and his professionalism, organization and knowledge is outstanding. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Matt and he has been a valuable asset to my business.”

Kris M.