Private Investigations

Are there potential threats to you and your family? Someone trying to take down your business? A private investigator will get you the answers you need to prove your case and get answers. The private investigation services at Isborn Security specialize in countersurveillance, and will help get to the bottom of your investigation in no time. Contact us if you need to find someone who may be missing, catch someone committing insurance fraud, locate birth parents, and even find out if a spouse could be cheating. Whatever your troubles may be, let us help you settle your worries.

Private Investigators You Can Trust

Our licensed private investigation service will get concrete evidence to make certain you get the accurate results you need. From insurance fraud investigations to active surveillance, we’ve got you covered. If there is a crime occurring or proof of what you suspected, we will document it. If a serious crime is involved, our investigators will be sure to alert emergency services to ensure that an arrest is made. We take what we do seriously, so we will always be careful to avoid any misconception that we are law enforcement, following all laws.

Discrete, Professional, Effective

We guarantee that our personal investigation services will always be discrete, professional, and effective. The investigators at Isborn Security will always do their best to remain hidden and blend into the environment. The goal is to not be seen while collecting evidence. We will always remain professional, not acting out or pretending to be law enforcement. Our investigators are fully qualified to run vehicle license plates and complete background checks in order to fulfill your needs.

Though private investigators cannot make the same moves as law enforcement, we guarantee to be effective. Our goal is to solve your case, and we will get the evidence we need to make a professional conclusion. Our Licensed Private Investigators will spend as much time as needed and gather the information necessary to feel confident building a case. Trust Isborn Security with your personal investigation needs.

Drawing from a number of surveillance and investigative techniques, we gather accurate information to get you the answers you need.

Our agents boast comprehensive backgrounds in law enforcement and military operations, ensuring you get the best skill sets available. 

Customer Testimonials

“Isborn Security Services has all the knowledge and experience to provide the best security to their customers.”

Lorena B.

“Ask any question you want and it will be answered. These guys knows their stuff. They helped me find out exactly what I needed to know.”

Dustin D.

“Isborn’s security staff are hands down the best I have ever worked with. They are constant professionals from the minute you pick up the phone until the job is done.”

Bill M.